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Imbibe Wine Storage

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We are dedicated to storing your collection in optimal conditions to ensure consistent temperatures, correct humidity levels, and complete security.

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Imbibe Wine Storage is the only dedicated wine storage facility serving Bakersfield area, providing the ultimate in convenience for our customers.


We know you want wine in your home. Developing depth in your wine collection means long term cellaring – and that isn’t practical for most residential storage solutions. We offer a wide range of climate controlled locker sizes.


A wine storage locker gives you the storage space necessary to build your wine library so you can continue to acquire those wines that you deem special. We  provide the correct environment for you to store and age your wines. Our facility is controlled for temperature, humidity, vibration and ultraviolet light: ideal conditions for storing wine.

Three refrigeration units control temperature and three ceiling mounted evaporator coils constantly circulate the air through out the locker area. Low output florescent lights inside the storage area on motion detect sensors so they do not remain on when no one is inside the wine cellar.


Are you on winery mailing list? You can have your wine delivered directly to Imbibe Wine Storage. You’ll no longer worry about being home for a shipment, having your wine in a hot delivery truck all day or wonder if your wine is sitting on your front porch. At Imbibe Wine Storage, we will recieve your wine at our facility on your behalf; notify you of its arrival and place it in our private secured locker at no charge for up to thirty days.

Security is a primary objective at Imbibe Wine Storage tenants are required to use their issued key fobs to pass into the wine storage area. Each individual wine locker is partitioned with steel, and locked by you. The entire facility is monitored 24/7 by a state of the art security system which includes recording by multiple video cameras along with motion and glass break detectors throughout the building.

Wine Locker Pricing

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18 Case



24 Case



36 Case



Why Does my Wine require proper storage?

Temperature is the single most important factor in storing wine. The optimal storage temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When wines are subjected to frequent fluctuations in temperature, they may be damaged and possibly age prematurely. 


You can identify damage due to fluctuations in temperature by the sticky deposit that forms around the capsule. Because fluctuations in temperature cause the wine to expand and contract, the integrity of the cork may be damaged, resulting in minute quantities of wine make their way up alongside the cork and allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle – aging the wine prematurely. 


Wine kept at too high a temperature will age faster than wines kept at a cooler temperature. Theoretically, wines kept at 68 degrees will age twice as fast as those kept at 50 degrees. At 55 degrees, wines will age slowly and ultimately with greater complexity.  Conversely, wine stored at too low a temperature can develop unwanted deposits within it.


Moderate humidity is important in order to keep the cork in good condition and to prevent it from shrinking. Insufficient humidity may cause the cork to lose its elasticity, allowing air into the bottle. A humidity between 50 and 80 percent is acceptable, but 70 percent of relative humidity is ideal. Although excessive humidity will not harm wine, it may damage identifying labels and boxes, which can lead to breakage. 


Exposure to light will age bottle of wine prematurely. Ultraviolet light will penetrate even dark-colored glass, but it is clear bottles and sparkling wines that are most susceptible. Ultraviolet light may impart unpleasant aromas that can ruin your wine. Don’t risk your valuable investment.

Choose to store your wine the way professionals do:

Cool, Dark, and Humid