Wine Lockers

Of course you want wine in your home… but to develop depth in your wine collection means long-term cellaring, which usually isn’t practical for residential storage. Imbibe offers on-site wine storage with 12, 18, 24 or 36 case lockers that are temperature and humidity controlled. Now you have the space necessary to build your wine library while continuing to acquire those wines you deem special. Locker patrons are allowed to open their wines at our Wine Bar with no corkage fees.

Please review the rental contract on this site for further details. For more information, or to rent locker space, please contact us at 661.633.WINE (9463) .

Click here to download the rental agreement form.

12 Case Locker

$30 | month

$360 | year

18 Case Locker

$42 | month

$504 | year

24 Case Locker

$54 | month

$648 | year

36 Case Locker

$78 | month

$936 | year