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The #10 Pick from the 2020 Whiskey Advocate is Here & LIMITED

Mon, Sep 12, 22

The #10 Pick from the 2020 Whiskey Advocate is Here & LIMITED

Hello to all those who Imbibe!

Tucked within the plush valley in the foothills of the Central Highlands of Scotland, Aberfeldy Distillery has been making beautifully crafted Scotch since 1898. The Pitilie Burn, a famous creek where Aberfeldy sources their water, is famed for its water quality and makes every bottling of Aberfeldy unlike any Single Malt you’ve had before. From Dewar’s empire, Aberfeldy is true to traditional techniques, such as longer fermentation that bring forward the rare honeyed notes and offers a smooth, rich palate that will make you toss the ice ball aside and enjoy this golden liquid neat.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of 2 new releases from Aberfeldy that were quite possibly the most difficult bottlings for Imbibe to acquire: the Aberfeldy 18 Year and the Aberfeldy 21 Year! Only a handful of retail stores were able to bring these special bottles in to share with their customers, making them an easy choice of gift for the Scotch lover in your life. To celebrate this occasion, we’re offering a new low price on their 12 Year, the perfect everyday sipper.

Aberfeldy 12 Year Single Malt Scotch: $34.91
Regular price $42.98
Scented with spices, slight leather and honeyed fruits, this Single Malt offers a silky mouthfeel with notes of inviting vanilla and a touch of smoke on the finish. This Scotch sips like a bottling over $100.

Aberfeldy 18 Year Aged in Bordeaux Wine Barrels: $134.98

Number 10 on the Whiskey Advocates Top 20 list of 2020!

Initially spending 18 years in a combination of casks, this whisky has undergone a finishing period of around 4-5 months in first-fill Pauillac wine casks, a rich and complex red wine from Bordeaux. Alongside Aberfeldy’s signature honey and vanilla notes, this Scotch entices you ripe red fruits and nutty aromas. Heaven in a bottle.

Aberfeldy 20 Year Single Malt aged in Sauternes Barrels: $120.98
This whisky initially spent 20 years in hand-selected casks before being transferred to mature in Sauternes wine casks for a full year.