Hillrock Solera Bourbon

The late Dave Pickerall, the Master Distiller behind Whistlepig distillery and Maker’s Mark, kept a personal bourbon called Hillrock Estate. These Bourbons were some of his last creations, as well as some of the most awarded bourbons on the market. I recently had the pleasure of tasting this phenomenal bourbon. The distiller’s touch is definitely seen throughout the whiskey. Personally, I’ve had my fair share of redundant vanilla, caramel style of bourbons. This elegant bottle brings uniqueness and charm to the table. From the luxurious nose, pleasing palate, and delightful finish, there wasn’t a moment I didn’t enjoy. As soon as we all finished the tasting we knew, this was a bourbon we just had to bring to the store.

Each whiskey shows aromatic notes of dried figs, fresh apricots, and roasted chestnuts that seductively sing together to bring an enticing invitation. The palate gets even better with a touch of dark brown sugar, majestic molasses colorfully caramelized into a spicy toffee, and butterscotch. The notes are vivid, rich, and eloquent. The whiskey is vivaciously bold in its finish leaving you with delightful satisfaction, and yet earnestly thirsty for more.

We brought in three amazing styles of the Solera aged Hillrock Estate bourbons. We have the classic Solera aged, The Napa Cabernet finish and the Sauternes. Each one of these highly awarded Bourbons are priced at $99. These Bourbons are hard to get, so come on down, and grab a bottle while you can!

Hillrock Estate Distillery Solera Aged Bourbon

Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey Cabernet Cask Finish