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Dead Horse

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Dead Horse

“You can’t beat a dead horse.”

Dead Horse Distillery is a local, Bakersfield based distillery that makes some fantastic Small batch handmade whiskey.

Bakersfield, Nashville West, the home of Buck Owens. The land of high temperatures and low rent. Has been stepping up its craft beer game with Dionysus, Great Change, Lengthwise and Crusader. Now jumping back on the saddle, Dead Horse Distillery has brought a locally made whiskey to the streets of Bakersfield. We don’t just have good beer now, we also have great whiskey!

If there is one thing we pride ourselves on here in Bakersfield it is the wonderful people that live, work and support each other. Dead Horse distillery is no exception. Since they opened they’ve been reaching out to our community, touching lives by serving our homeless community, and bringing smiles to everyone who pours their products in their glasses.

Dead Horse Corn Whiskey: $38.98

Their flagship corn whiskey doesn’t disappoint. The whiskey is filled with rich flavor, yet delicately balanced. The finish is smooth and leaves you wanting another sip.

The Dead Horse line up doesn’t stop there, they have their delicious flavored whiskey as well. The Asteroid (their cinnamon flavored whiskey) and Salted Caramel both of these are great for bringing life to a party. They also have a delicious assortment of moonshine! Try their Lemon Drop and Peach Blossom. You wont regret it.

Dead Horse Asteroid $23.98

Dead Horse Salted Caramel $23.98

Dead Horse Peach Blossom $23.98

Dead Horse Lemon Drop $23.98