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Cantera Negra Tequila

Mon, Sep 12, 22

Cantera Negra Tequila

It’s never easy to find premium Tequila for under $100, but we hit the jackpot with a lineup from Mexico that was so exclusive, the name of the distiller was a secret kept by locals, making it nearly impossible to believe it would ever make its way to the U.S. After over a decade of reaching out to locals and probing to get information on the Tequila that changed his life, Lance Gildner finally found the pot of gold and was given an exclusive license to import Cantera Negra to the U.S.

We have 5 different facings from Cantera Negra, all delicious on their own with well-deserved accolades to go with it.

Cantera Negra Silver $42.98

Silver Medal: 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
“Our Silver tequila is a pure and refined form of our Elixir de Agave spirit. It is produced from our finest batches, and is crystal clear and light tasting, with natural hints of citrus and clean, earthy notes on the finish. Cantera Negra Silver is unparalleled as a base tequila for any drink recipe.”

Cantera Negra Reposado $52.98
Silver Medal: 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
“Cantera Negra Reposado is aged nearly an entire year and is a mellower and more refined taste than our Silver tequila. With hints of oak and vanilla, this Elixir de Agave is bottled only when approved by our family tasting panel. Our Reposado is enjoyable for sipping or as the high-end base for craft tequila cocktails.”

Cantera Negra Anejo $57.98
Gold Medal: 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
“Cantera Negra Añejo offers a remarkably smooth taste and a warm finish. Although never bottled until passing the stringent taste testing standards of our family panel, it is aged for an average of 30 to 36 months. Our Añejo maintains the subtle citrus and earthy hints of our Silver and Reposado Elixir de Agave products, but the aging process imparts and highlights subtle new flavors resembling the cooked agave itself, with a more woody and vanilla ending. Its flavor is so unique and enjoyable as a sipping tequila that Cantera Negra Añejo stands apart from all other typical tequilas on the market today.”

Cantera Negra Extra Anejo $102.98
Bronze Medal: 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
“In a class of its own, Cantera Negra Extra Añejo sets the standard for exceptionally smooth and rich taste. It has been proven superior in private, blind taste testings to virtually all other highly recognized tequila products, including those in the super-premium retail price range. Cantera Negra Extra Añejo is almost universally described as tasting similar to the finest bourbons. It is a truly enjoyable sipping tequila, with extremely smooth oak, vanilla and caramel notes. It is guaranteed to be aged a minimum of 48 months and bottled only after passing our most rigorous tasting panel standards. Our Extra Añejo erases all preconceived ideas when it comes to traditional tequila taste.”

Cantera Negra Café $27.98

The perfect sipper!
“Cantera Negra Café is the perfect blend of coffee and our 100% pure blue agave spirit, which is hand-crafted in small batches from our finest agave harvests. The result is a rich café flavor that is smooth and silky, with just a touch of smokiness. Cantera Negra Café is so smooth it can be sipped over ice – and it is unparalleled as a café liqueur for any drink recipe”