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Wine Bar

Every Friday afternoon, the Imbibe Wine Bar is refreshed with six very special wines, and we keep the schedule of upcoming tastings right here so you can mark your calendars. We may pour a retrospective of a vintage, a comparison of regions, or highlights from a producer, winemaker or importer. These flights often contain rare and highly sought after wines; and the opportunity to educate your palate by tasting them in comparison with their peers is not found anywhere else in central California on a regular basis.

We’re also proud to regularly schedule winery owners, winemakers and other principals to pour at Imbibe several times each month. We make sure these events are affordable, and that you’re rewarded by applying tasting fees to purchases of the products we’re featuring. We're happy to use our connections for your benefit.

We also make sure you have the opportunity to taste the wine’s we’re currently excited about and what’s available for purchase at Imbibe Wine. We’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to “test drive” a wine. We strive to bring you new wines that are over-achievers; wines that are special, intriguing, and worthy of your interest. 24 exciting wines are available in the Bar every day - so stop in whenever you want to broaden your tasting experience.

Imagine the perfect wine & spirits retail experience; we did and we created it. We invite you to come enjoy it.

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