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Cigar Lockers

Imagine being able to ‘check-in’ on your cigar collection, just like you do your wine storage. We brought in the best craftsmen to design our cigar lockers with that goal in mind. Each and every cigar locker is perfectly climate-controlled at the optimum temperature and humidity to allow your collection to age and mature gracefully. In addition, each locker is lined with Spanish Cedar, which not only provides the ideal tempering agent for proper storage, but also lends itself to improve the flavor of your cigars. With the generous 250 cigar capacity, one can have plenty on hand to both store and enjoy! Stop by today for a tour and see why Imbibe Wine & Spirits is your one stop shop for all your wine, beer, spirit and cigar needs. And while you're in, be sure to check out our cigar patio with ample space to enjoy your favorite cigar paired with wine, beer and good friends.

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