New Arrivals


FAIR Cafe Liqueur (375ml) - $20.99

The FAIR Spirits line-up is another brand of spirits that caught our eye in the last month and are must-haves for those that love the best quality and most unique ingredients. Made entirely from Fair Trade ingredients that are purchased from communities of small independent farmers who transmit their land from generation to generation. Each farmer owns an average 1 hectare of land. Their crops are gathered within the cooperative and they are guaranteed a fair price for their work.

Over the years, there have many coffee liqueurs to hit the market, but with so many tasting saccharin and fake, the FAIR Cafe Liqueur is a refreshing alternative. The great taste comes from slow roasting the very best organically grown, Fair Trade Certified Arabica coffee beans to extract the fine, authentic properties of the coffee. The freshly ground beans are then infused directly into the liqueur base to create a rich-flavored coffee based spirit. Without the exaggerated sweetness, this is the perfect compliment to cocktails and sweets.